Birding Podcasts

If you like listening to podcasts, here are birding podcasts that I would recommend:

2 Longer Shows:

American Birding Podcast – Run by the ABA (American Birding Association) and the host is Nate Swick. I find the recent ABA rarities segment most fascinating, though the show is consistently very good. In my opinion, this is the best longer show available.

Ray Brown’s Talkin’ Birds – More on the “traditional radio show” side of things with little variation in outline, but a good staple.

2 Shorter Shows:

WCAI Weekly Bird Report – Short segments that are regional in nature (Cape Code, MA), but tend to be widely interesting to birders. I love their emphasis on migration.  In my opinion, this is the best short show available.

BirdNote – Very short segments about birds and conservation. Enjoyable, though hard to keep up with (a show a day)!

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