2018 Goals – Progress Report

I’m happy to report that 2018 is off with a bang and I’ve made some progress toward my 2018 birding goals. I set 15 goals in total, and these three are already crossed off:

    • Reach 200 species on my Essex County life-list (currently 198)
    • See a Lapland Longspur (lifer)
    • See a Pine Siskin in Essex County

Species 200 for my Essex County life-list was a Pine Siskin which decided to show up at Ojibway Park’s feeders.

  • I’ve also also made some solid progress on my numeric goals:
    • Life List: 229/250 (started 2018 off at 228)
    • Essex County 2018 list: 54/200
    • U.S.A. Life-list: 114/150 (started 2018 off at 103)

I’ve seen just over 61% of the species that have been reported this year.It turns out that I’m 6th in list of those people on eBird with the most species recorded in Essex County in 2018. We’ll see how long that lasts!

A couple of the birds which I’ve added to my 2018 goals list have showed up recently, including Rough-legged Hawks and a White-winged Scoter.

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  1. Mark – Congrats on a great year last year and a nice start to 2018! Great to see that you started a blog as well! Dwayne

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