2018 Is Before Us

Happy New Year! I hope 2018 is a wonderful year for you!

Throughout December, I’ve given some thought as to my goals for the new year. Here are my birding-related goals for 2018.

Given the pace of 2017 (and projecting some modest increase in skill/knowledge/efficiency), I think these goals are fairly relaxed and attainable.

  • See 200 species in Essex County in 2018
  • Reach 250 species on my life-list (currently 228)
  • Reach 200 species on my Essex County life-list (currently 198)
  • Reach 150 species on my U.S.A. life-list (currently 103)
  • See the remaining realistic heron/egret species in Ontario (Cattle Egret and Little Blue Heron-both lifers).
  • See the remaining scoter species (Black Scoter and White-winged Scoter-both lifers).
  • See a Lapland Longspur (lifer)
  • See an American Pipit (lifer)
  • See a Yellow-headed Blackbird (lifer)
  • See a Prothonotary Warbler (lifer)
  • See a Rough-legged Hawk (missed in 2017)
  • See a Northern Shrike (missed in 2017)
  • See a Pine Siskin in Essex County
  • See a Snowy Owl in Michigan (planning to head out there early in January)
  • Make a day outing to Point Pelee during May (migration)

What birding goals do you have for 2018?

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